Champions of Westeros

Created in 2016 with the released of the 2nd Edition, and previously active in 2014 and 2015 in the 1st Edition of AGoT LCG, the Champions of Westeros League brings players together from all around the World to play one online joust game per week to detemine who's the King or Queen of Westeros!

The tradition behind any great King or Queen is always to name a Hand. The Hand has an important role which is also surrounded, in the shadows, by the Master or Mistress of Whisperers.


League Schedule


1. This League has 4 Seasons per year. Because the vast majority of our players are from the northern hemisphere they will be creatively named the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall season.

2. Each Season will usually last around 12 weeks: 2 weeks for registration + 6 rounds of Swiss + 5 rounds of elimination. More details below in League Format, point #3.

3. For 2022 and beyond, the winter League will run roughly Jan-March, Spring will be April-June, Summer will be July to September and Fall will be October to December.


League Format


1. The Champions of Westeros league is, and always will be, free to play.

2. Players will be divided up into regions for the Swiss rounds to try and minimize availability differences. The Asia/Australia bracket will be merged with America/Europe if we don't get enough players (10) to make that a true region.

3. Players will play 1 game per week for 6 weeks using Swiss matchups. If we are less than 30 players, there will be only 5 rounds of Swiss. The match-ups will be posted on Monday around 1 pm GMT, and players should report their results by Monday morning (9:00) (GMT).

4. Players are strongly encouraged to join the Friendly Open Discord Server. There you can see latest announcements, send private messages, to your opponents or discuss the current games and league of the season in the chat. There is also a Champions of Westeros Facebook group where announcement may be used. However Facebook is not a requirement for participation. 


Done reading? Continue on the RULES page or FAQ page if you have further questions.