Champions of Westeros


Q. What does it cost to play in this League?

It's free.


Q. How many games will I need to play?

1 game per week and 1 week to play it. 6 rounds of Swiss + games if you make it in the top16, top8, top4, finale.


Q. May I drop from the tournament at any time?

Yes. Also, if you miss 2 rounds in a row, we will drop you from the tournament.


Q. When does this League starts?

In January, in April, in July and in October.


Q. Who can take part in the Champions of Westeros League?

Everyone is welcome. Whether you are new to the game or a veteran, join us and have fun!


Q. How can I register/sign-up to a tournament?

Fill out the form on the Register page.


Q. Do I need a deck for a tournament?

Yes. You should see deck lists available in ThronesDB: the platform of choice for deckbuilding.


Q. If FFG doesn't support this game anymore, who is involved then?

The game is now run by a volunteer organization called G.O.T. (Global Operation Team). More info here .

Q. Are new cards being made?

Yes. More details about the releases here All cards are also available on (look for the section "18.Redesign" and above).


Q. What cards are legal?


Q. Where can I play online? (regular Joust Format only).


Q. Where can I build a deck?


Q. Is there a restriction list?